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Brian Alderton

Last week I received the very sad news that Brian Alderton, who created the British Mole Catchers Register in 2006, had sadly passed away on 22nd June. Brian will be remembered by me and many others as a very kind…

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Testimonial: Traditional Mole Catching Course

Many thanks to Mark for his feedback on our Traditional Mole Catching Course: "I attended Louise Chapman’s well-prepared mole-catching course in Norwich. I’d had some amateur experience previously of catching moles in my then National Gardens Scheme garden at Goring…

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British Mole Catchers 2017 Review

We hope you have had a productive year and we would especially like to welcome our brand new members – thank you for joining us! In 2017, we have introduced the British Mole Catchers Facebook group exclusively for members to…

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You Tube Channel

Louise has uploaded some new and interesting videos to her You Tube channel... Here, she investigated a mole ‘fortress’ or nest in a Norfolk airfield. These are quite unusual and are sometimes found in areas prone to flooding. There was…

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Louise’s March Update

March was a busy month for Louise Chapman, head of the British Mole Catchers Register.     There were plenty of mole talks booked into her diary – thank you to Cringleford Gardening Club, Chet Staithe Probus Club, Norfolk Deaf…

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On-site mole catcher training

The British Mole Catchers Register is now offering on-site training for UK sports venues who may be struggling to deal with moles and molehills across their pitches and courses. Molehills on a sports field are not only an annoyance but can…

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