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Find A Mole Catcher Near You in the UK

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Please mention the British Mole Catchers Register when contacting one of our members.

The British Mole Catchers Register was the first register to be created digitally in the United Kingdom in 2007. It is recognised, trusted and highly regarded within the industry. If a mole catcher is not registered with us, they are not recognised within the database.

The British Mole Catchers Register is a guaranteed source for all your mole problems, large or small. If you have a mole problem in the UK, then you’ve found the right place.

All of our registered Mole catchers are specialists, and experts in their field.

The British Mole Catchers Register is here specifically to give you easy access to traditional mole catchers in the UK.

Make BMCR your first choice when you need to find a Mole Catcher.

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