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The AIMS of the British Mole Catchers Register are:

  1. To raise the profile of traditional British mole catching in order that the skill and expertise of members is recognised and respected.
  2. To bring competent professional practice to the industry and to encourage excellence.
  3. To promote traditional mole catching as an appropriate and sustainable profession.
  4. To act as a vehicle to connect those who seek a reputable mole catcher with a local member.
  5. These aims will be renewed as required to reflect the industry demands and views of the members.

Code of Conduct

This is a code of behaviours required by members:

  1. To conduct themselves to the highest level of professionalism in order to protect the reputation of the BMCR and other traditional British mole catchers, to best serve customers and fellow BMCR members.
  2. To treat all persons with care, consideration and professionalism regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation, religion, personal disability or race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin.
  3. To use the BMCR logo and name in an appropriate manner and to comply with relevant changes made by BMCR.

Code of Practice

This code provides a framework to which members of BMCR are required to adhere. This code provides a standard for persons or bodies who might employ a mole catcher who is registered with BMCR.

Members are required:

  1. To explain the nature and content of their procedures, including costs, and to answer any questions at a level appropriate to the customer’s understanding
  2. To work within the confines of relevant laws and regulations and to make customers aware of these requirements.
  3. To always hold relevant and valid insurance to protect themselves, their customers and members of the public and public and private property.
  4. To assess a site for any potential risk to the client, members of the public, or any other persons, animals or property.
  5. To employ humane practices and avoid causing unnecessary suffering to wildlife at all times.
  6. To use mole traps of good quality, adequate for purpose and checked for damage/ operation prior to use.
  7. To regularly check set traps at appropriate intervals.
  8. On discovery of a live caught mole to quickly and humanely dispatch the mole.
  9. Not to use any live-capture devices for mole control.
  10. To only use advertising in adherence with current legislation, currently the British Council of Advertising Practice. To promote themselves in a responsible, honest and modest manner.
  11. Take and maintain accurate records in accordance with advice from insurers. Records must be kept secure and confidential and passed on only with the client’s consent, or where required to do so by a Court of Law. Data must be held in accordance with current legislation regarding Data Protection.
  12. To continue personal development on a regular basis which may include, but is not limited to, training, research, or communication with others working in the industry or related industries.

In order to protect the reputation of the British Mole Catchers Register, failure to comply with and uphold this Code of Conduct and Practice can result in termination of membership.




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