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This page contains details of the training programme arranged by BTMR to encourage and support those wishing to join the elite band of Traditional Molecatchers in the UK.


BTMR gets Lantra accreditation for Training.
Click Here for More Details

Forthcoming Training Courses

Date Venue
11th April 2015
Sorry now fully
near Doncaster
13th June 2015
Some places
still available
near Doncaster

Scroll down to see details and pictures from recent courses

Course fees are between £160 to £200  (including VAT and Lantra & BTMR Certificates)  per person which also includes refreshments and lunch.
Price variation depends on location

Course attendees who also require a Lantra ID Card please add £20 to course fee.

Please note there is limited availability on all our courses

Courses fill up very quickly as they have an enviable reputation ( see Testimonials page - click here)  You are advised to book early to avoid disappointment for the date you require.

Further courses are being planned
dates and venues will be announced
here shortly.

If you would like to join  a course download the
application form below and send it in to the BTMR office (address on the form)

Click on which format you would prefer....

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If you have any questions feel free to email.....

Special Thanks to Flat Pack Traps
Who kindly support and sponsor the traps used in our Training Courses and give free traps to participants after the course

From Register Office .......... 7/7/09

Proud News - BTMR gets Lantra accreditation for Training.

The BTMR is pleased to announce that its training courses have now been accredited by Lantra. The Sector Skills Council for environmental and landbased industries

BTMR courses success will now bestow recognised Lantra Trained Status upon individual attendees.

The courses will still follow the same format as all previous courses, but will also offer a Lantra certificate as well the  present BTMR certificate!  For all course attendees.

The Lantra certificate cost (£24) is included in our course fee

These courses will start in November, but any course attendee before that date can also acquire a Lantra certificate for a small extra fee. Those who also wish to have a Lantra ID Card also can acquire this at and additional cost of £20.00.

Congratulations to all at the BTMR who have worked so hard to bring this about!

The BTMR Traditional Mole Control Course along with its supporting material have been designed and produced by professional training designers in consultation with experienced, qualified mole controllers.

The full one day course is aimed at people who are just starting in professional traditional mole catching or those who perhaps have some experience but wish to expand their knowledge and skills in the subject.

The course which is lead by a professional trainer and an experienced mole catcher is based both in a classroom environment and outdoors. It combines theoretical input with active, practical learner participation.

The training includes:

  •       Reasons for mole control.

  •       The biology, characteristics and behaviour of the European mole.

  •       Methods of mole control.

  •       History of mole control.

  •       Types of mole trap.

  •       Adjusting, tuning and setting mole traps.

  •       Tools used in mole control.

  •       Topography and characteristics of mole workings.

  •       Health, safety and risk assessment for traditional mole control.

  •       Locating mole runs.

  •       Setting and placing of mole traps.

  •       Mole control site management.

  •       Covering, marking and checking of mole traps.

  •       Relevant Legislation

All relevant specialist equipment and materials are provided.

The training content and its location can be tailored for specific requirements.

There are no specific entry requirements for the course but any individual needs or requirements should be discussed prior to booking.

Courses can be run throughout the year when sufficient numbers require.

Learners are provided with training notes and sample traps to take away

On successful completion learners receive a certificate and discount on membership of the BTMR.

Cost of the course is £160 to £190  (including VAT and Lantra & BTMR Certificates)  per person which also includes refreshments and lunch. Price variation depends on location



Lantra certificate
awarded on completion of the
Mole Control Course



BTMR is a Lantra
Approved Trainer

Our Trainers
Brian Alderton & Simon Bollons


Brian Alderton.

After 38 years in the printing trade I was made redundant in 1996. Having had a lifelong interest in the countryside and being given this ‘opportunity’ I decided to try and make my living doing things I wanted to do outdoors. In 1998 I started a small gardening business and was asked by several customers about trapping moles. A gamekeeper friend of mine had shown me the basics of mole trapping and I went on the only course I could find but is seemed to be mostly about poisoning and gassing moles. I developed my skills at mole trapping alongside the gardening and gradually the mole trapping overtook the gardening and became my sole business activity.

I developed the business and had over 900 customers on my books and was trapping over 5000 moles per year.

In 2003 I gave half of my business to my son who is now also a full time molecatcher.

In 2007 I started the BTMR as I found that it was difficult to find traditional molecatchers amongst the many pest control companies that we advertising in the yellow pages. This was the first organisation of its type and has just had its seventh birthday and had it’s 550th molecatcher join the register.

In 2007 I was approached to sell my business to another company, and having sold my business. I  worked part time for the same company molecatching.

I now devote most of my time to running the BTMR. From a small beginning the BTMR has become the leading organisation for molecatchers in the UK. 


Simon Bollons. Cert Ed.  RPPT.

I have been involved in countryside pursuits for much of my life. I am a keen ferreter and also control rabbits using other traditional methods including trapping and shooting. Several of my farming friends asked me if there was anything I could do about the moles on their land and I decided to take up the challenge. I found it very difficult to find out information about traditional mole control. I eventually found and went on a course but this was mostly about gassing moles and the associated health and safety issues which, for many reasons, was not the route I wished to pursue.

I continued to develop my trapping skills and was eventually put in touch with Brian who was just starting the BTMR. He told me that the BTMR would like to provide training but had no experience in this area. I have been employed in adult learning for over 10 years and so we decided to team up and use my skills and knowledge to develop the BTMR training package drawing on Brian’s many years of practical experience. This was, as far as I am aware, the first, and is the only professionally designed and produced traditional mole control course. Following accreditation from LANTRA Awards it is also the only formally accredited course available in traditional mole control.

I have a number of relevant professional qualifications including a Cert Ed for adult education. I also hold qualifications in risk assessment, health and safety, first aid, an RSPH Certificate in Pest control and other certificates and qualifications relevant to wildlife management. I believe that no one ever stops learning and try to seize any opportunity to expand my knowledge in Wildlife management issues.

Whilst the broad outline of the Mole course remains the same and feedback from attendees is always excellent I constantly review the content of the course tweaking and adding to it where necessary. I am also just completing writing a course in rabbit control which I hope to start delivering soon.

As a result of my keen interest I have amassed a large collection of different mole traps and many books, documents and items associated with mole control some of which are demonstrated on the course.



BTMR certificate
awarded on completion of the
Mole Control Course

From Register Office .......... 11/12/2014

December 13th 2014 Course

December 2014 Course
(sorry photographer forgot about members in the shade !)

The December 2014 course was attended by people from as far afield as Surrey, Norfolk, North Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

Following a good morning in the classroom it was outside for practical demonstration and participation in the afternoon.

Despite being bright and sunny the ground was still frozen hard but students were able to set a variety of mole traps with three moles being caught overnight.

Course feedback was, as usual very good with comments of ‘Excellent day, well lead’ and ‘Thorougly enjoyable and informative’ being left.



From Register Office .......... 31/10/2014

October 25th 2014 Course

October 2014 Course

An intimate gathering for a bespoke course.  Very successful and enjoyable.


From Register Office .......... 20/9/2014

August 30th 2014 Course

August 2014 Course

Another highly successful course.

Good company - good fun - many new skills learnt .

Four moles caught after practical session



From Register Office .......... 20/5/2014

May17th 2014 Course

May 17th 2014 Course

Keen attendees from as far as London and Northumberland for our May Course!

The day was beautiful, cloud free and very warm, we all were glad to be out of the classroom, as soon as they had enjoyed a well deserved buffet lunch provided by Janet.

The attendees showed that they possessed excellent practical skills in the trap setting in the afternoon, which resulted in two moles been caught overnight!!

If you look closely at the picture you will see a mole over the probe in the middle of the picture, (enlargement -see left column) this was caught by a trap set by Simon before the start of the course and was picked up at lunchtime, excellent result for attendees to witness!



From Register Office .......... 10/3/2014

March 8th 2014 Course

March 8th 2014 Course

The March course was fully booked, and people had travelled from as far as Scotland to attend, there was some excellent banter from the attendees, and the course was running late throughout the day.

They all showed excellent manual skills when putting traps in the ground! Next morning it proved their worthwhile efforts by the fact that 4 moles had been caught!

The practical work was carried out in bright warm sunshine unusual for this time of year !

Excellent feedback from the course participants -  all left with a smile on their face!!

As it was our 7th Birthday Weekend all attendees had a drink and a piece of our deloicious birthday cake kindly made by Janet, Simon’s wife………


 This year's delicious Traditional Birthday Cake was a vision in Moles and Worms !!

Beautifully baked and iced by Janet - Simons wife.

Many Thanks - enjoyed by all!!

From Register Office .......... 13/1/2014

January 11th 2014 Course

January 11th 2014 Course

We started the new year very well with 9 very enthusiastic trainees, who, despite the time of year had wisely booked in advance. They had travelled from all over the UK to attend.

The weather was beautiful but very cold.

We had an assessor from LANTRA attending who was inspecting  the course, and many other aspects regarding how the BTMR is run and administered, for the continuation of our Lantra accreditation!

After another excellent lunch the participants were keen to get out in the cold and get their hands and knees dirty during the practical work session.   Many traps were set and checking on Sunday morning revealed success. Two moles had been caught!!

All left in the daylight to travel home and all anxious to get traps in the ground !



From Register Office .......... 14/10/2013

October 12th  2013 Course

October 12th  2013 Course

The day of the course day was gloomy, grey and raining!  Despite this a select and determined group arrived early for the days activity and the course started promptly before nine o’clock.

After an excellent lunch, everyone was keen to get out in the pouring rain to get not only their hands dirty but also their clothes!!   4 moles were caught .

They left keen to get on with the new knowledge they had learnt from the day, two with long drives back home to Kent and Wiltshire!


From Register Office .......... 9/9/2013

September 7th  2013 Course

September 7th  2013 Course

The attendees were again drawn from various parts of the country, all arrived enthusiastic to get on with the days proceedings, and after an excellent lunch, were keen to get their hands dirty in the bright, warm and sunny weather.  After a day of torrential rain on Friday the good weather was very welcome!
Practical skills were very evident and many traps were put in the ground by attendees before they left to return home!
The course was very successful, but only one mole was caught by Sunday morning!


From Register Office .......... 17/6/2013

June 15th 2013 Course

June 15th 2013 Course

Attendees travelled from various parts of the country to take part in the course including two ladies, the weather was very kind, and the practical sessions took place in warm sunshine, all were keen to get going after a well deserved buffet lunch, which was excellent! - as usual. Traps were set by all attendees which resulted in two moles been caught by the Sunday Morning!

Please note ................The next course will not be until September, but we will be attending the CLA game fair at Ragley Hall in July, so please come and talk to us if you wish to come on a forthcoming Course.


From Register Office .......... 15/5/2013

May 11th 2013 Course

May 11th 2013 Course

The course was held on a sunny but cold and windy day, attendees had travelled from far and wide one from north Scotland.

Just as the practical work was about to start after an excellent buffet lunch it started to rain, but this did not dampen the enthusiastic attendees who were eager to get their hands in the ground with the practical work.

 Lots of traps were set before we retired back to the warmth of the classroom to fill in the required paperwork.

All left with anticipation of setting their newly acquired traps!

3 MOLES were caught when the traps were checked on the Sunday morning!

 From member of the course
George Frizzell

Good morning from a sunny but breezy Lincolnshire! Firstly, thanks for a very informative day on Saturday, it was enjoyable and I defiantly learnt a new skill. Well on Sunday I adventured out to our village Playing fields and found a few runs, they seemed deep about 18 inches but I persevered and set three tunnel traps which I acquired on your course. My main problem seemed to be getting the size of the hole right for the angle of the run and making the pesky hole to long for the trap. After a couple of aborted attempts I managed to set the three traps near the perimeter of the field.
Anyway, today I ventured out to check on the traps and voila I caught one in one of the three traps! So pictured below is my evidence....


From Register Office .......... 8/4/2013

February 23rd 2013 Course

April 6th 2013 Course

The course was fully booked again and participants travelled from all over the country to attend!!

The weather was nearly tropical after the awful weather in the previous weeks, and the attendees showed good practical skills with the usual banter during the practical session!  They left in bright sunshine as they travelled homeward!

But not until we had had our traditional Birthday celebrations........6 years and still fit, well and succeeding !!  Britain's Number one Traditional Molecatchers Register, Trainers and organisation.

Janet made our 6th birthday cake which was enjoyed by most after the usual high quality buffet lunch!







6th Birthday Cake

click picture to fully appreciate

Brian cuts the cake

click picture to fully enlarge

From Register Office .......... 1/3/2013

February 23rd 2013 Course

February 23rd 2013 Course

Here we see nine cold and apprehensive attendee anxiously waiting for the practical work to start and get their hands and knees dirty.
However they all showed they had the practical skills of trap setting, and set a variety of traps in the ground resulting in two moles the next morning.
The weather was very cold and sometimes sunny, but for February absolutely perfect for trapping moles.
They all left with a smile on their faces and with their newly acquired knowledge went home to hone the skills they had learnt.



From Register Office .......... 12/12/12

December 8th 2012 Course

December 8th 2012 Course

The course was attended by people from all parts of the UK, including Scotland and Wales!
The weather was cold but fine and dry there were plenty of moles for attendees to set traps and caught 3 moles on the Sunday morning!
The attendees showed excellent practical skills evident by the number of moles caught next day!
The course finished a little early so that the people from Scotland and Wales could at least start their journey in the light!



Hi Brian/Simon
I would like to thank you both again for the great days training on Saturday 8th Dec. You guys provide a very professional service and have obviously put a lot of time and effort into making the day very informative and enjoyable. I would certainly recommend t
he course to anyone interested in Mole control.
I would like to go ahead and become a full member of the BTMR

John McMillan
Delighted to have you as a member John.  Thanks for the complimentary remarks.

From Register Office .......... 3/9/12

September 2nd 2012 Course

September 2nd 2012 Course

Another very successful course completed.  These courses continue to be very popular.

We were again very lucky with the weather. Attendees from all over the country all of whom who showed excellent skills in the practical part of the course. As usual the banter and camaraderie was tremendous.  Fun was had !! - again !!

All participants left overflowing with a wealth of information and molecatching tips from our experienced tutors!

Read more about our training courses
Click Here


From Register Office .......... 7/5/12

May 5th 2012 Course

May 5th 2012 Course

May course attendees travelled again from all over the UK including Cornwall and Cumbria.

We were extremely lucky with the weather although it was very cold it was dry and sunny!  On the course there were various levels of experience but all went away from the course with increased skills, new skills and many new tricks of the trade.

A great course with much good fellowship and fun - combined with a learning experience and memories hard to beat.


From Register Office .......... 5/3/2012

March 3rd 2012 Course

March 3rd 2012 Course

The course was held in very cold but dry and sunny weather, attendees had travelled from as far as Somerset, Kent and Cumbria to attend, non were daunted by the travelling and all thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Two moles were caught as a result of the practical work, and all left in the knowledge that they were well equipped to catch moles.

Again this year as tradition dictates (and you know the value we TRADITIONAL Molecatchers put on Tradition!!) - after the course Janet Bollons  (wife of one of our Trainers) presented the BTMR with a lovely 5th Birthday cake.  Delicious - Thank You.






5th Birthday Cake


Brian cuts the cake

From Register Office .......... 13/2/12

February 11th 2012 Course

February 11th 2012 Course

The course began on the morning of the coldest night of the year. The temperature on the morning of 11th February was a staggering minus13°c, but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the attendees, 3 of whom had travelled from all the way from Kent.

The day was beautiful and sunny and by the time the practical work was ready to go ahead, it had risen to a barmy -1°c. The ground was covered by 3 inches of snow which had acted like a blanket, because the ground under the snow was not frozen and still we were able to put traps in the ground!

There were a few frozen fingers by the time the practical work had finished, but this did not stop attendees from putting traps in the ground.

There was great rapport in the face of adversity between the attendees and they all left with happy memories and new skills!

Brian of Antarctica !!

Extreme Molecatching !!

From Register Office .......... 12/12/11

December 10th  2011 Course

December 10th 2011 Course

After a week of  rain, snow and gales the course in Haxey took place in very cold but dry and sunny conditions, we were extremely lucky with the weather! 

The course was a bit depleted due to the horrendous storms  before it began, but the 3 attendees managed to get to the course and jelled together really well. They came from Cumbria and North Yorkshire

For the practical work it was nice to have a one to one on instruction, they were very enthusiastic, and put quite a lot of traps in the ground.


From Register Office .......... 14/11/11

November 12th  2011 Course

November 12th 2011 Course

We were extremely lucky with the weather, it was a cold and sunny day the first in a week of days of overcast sky and much rain

Two ladies attended the course, and also two BTMR members, furthering their depth of knowledge on moles and mole catching !

Attendees had travelled from all over the country coming from as far away as Devon, good practical skills were in evidence, as the practical work was carried out in bright sunshine!


From Register Office .......... 4/10/11

October 1st 2011 Course

October 1st 2011 Course

The October 2011 course was held in sweltering heat 30 degrees, and we all got into a bit of sweat on the practical session!  - but enjoyed it and learned much never-the-less.

Attendees had travelled from as far way as Cumbria, Anglesey, and as far away as Jersey.

Excellent banter as usual between attendees and tutors..


From Register Office .......... 5/9/11

September 3rd 2011 Course

September 3rd 2011 Course

The course was full, as usual, and course members had travelled from as far away as Hampshire and Wiltshire to attend!

We had the pleasure of one of our sponsors, Christian Driver, from The Flat Pack Company attending the course, with, as usual, free traps for all attendees!

The weather was very kind sunny warm and enjoyable, a good day was had by all !


From Register Office .......... 9/5/11

May 7th 2011 Course

May 7th 2011 Course

The weather was very mixed with rain in the morning when the classroom work was been carried out, and whilst we were having lunch. Fortunately we timed things very well, as by the time the practical work was due to be carried out, the sun came out and everyone was enjoyed the warmth!

The recent dry weather made it very difficult for attendees finding runs and putting traps in the ground as there had been little fresh mole activity.

And as expected when the traps were picked up the following morning no moles had been caught.

Never-the-less every one had an excellent day and all picked up useful information and now have new and developed skills!

Attendees this time came from as far afield as Cumbria, and Durham !





The course in action


Click on Pictures to enlarge


From Register Office .......... 4/4/11

April 2nd 2011 Course

April 2nd 2011 Course

The course was again fully booked with people travelling from as far as Sussex, Dorset, Herefordshire, Suffolk and Cumbria to attend.

The weather was dull and overcast but by the time it came to the practical part of the course, the sun came out and it was quite warm during the time we were putting traps in the ground.

Good practical skills were much in evidence and this combined with the usual banter between attendees ensured another cracking good course.



From Register Office .......... 7/3/11

March 5th 2011 Course

March 5th 2011 Course

Yet again our course was full with people travelling as far from Kent, Wales and Northumberland.

The weather was very cold and it was a light drizzle when the practical work started, but having had a good lunch and a slice of the BTMRs 4th birthday cake made again by Janet, and a drink of bubbly, the attendees were enthusiastic about getting traps into the ground. Which they did very successfully!

Yet another truly enjoyable and worthwhile course.

(Click here - to see a letter from one of the course attendees and what he felt about the event.)

Again this year as tradition dictates (and you know the value we TRADITIONAL Molecatchers put on Tradition!!) - after the course Simon Bollons  (one of our Trainers) presented the BTMR with a lovely 4th Birthday cake baked by his wife Janet

Our beautiful 4th Birthday Cake !!
Thank you - Janet.



From Register Office .......... 11/2/2011

February 5th 2011 Course

February 5th 2011 Course

Ten folks from all over the UK attended, with people travelling from as far as Sussex, and Scotland.

There was a variety of experience on the course with one person who was a BTMR member already attending,

The Venue at Haxey has had the new building erected and the course venue is now ideal!

After the classroom work and after another excellent lunch we went outside to do the practical work where it was raining lightly but was warm, no one noticed the rain once they were enthusiastically putting traps in the ground

Every one was a touch muddy when they returned indoors but contented!

Another great, happy and successful course


From Register Office .......... 12/01/2011

January 8th 2011 Course

January 8th 2011 Course

This course, we thought, may be again cancelled because of snow on the Friday, but fortunately the weather did not effect the venue!

Attendees arrived in pouring rain, to be greeted with hot Tea & Coffee and biscuits.

After the classroom work and lunch we went outside to a very bright and sunny afternoon but bitterly cold with a biting wind, but once the practical side of things got going no one noticed the cold until we went back into the classroom.

The attendees showed a good aptitude for the practical work, and the day was again very successful with people from as far away as Northumberland attending.

Usual levels of banter, good fun and fellowship - topped off with new skills learnt !!


From Register Office .......... 6/12/2010

December 4th 2010 Course

Unfortunately this course had to be cancelled because of the extream weather.


From Register Office .......... 8/11/2010

November 6th 2010 Course

November 6th 2010 Course

The course was fully attended by enthusiastic people, who were keen to learn and enjoyed the practical work in glorious warm sunshine.

They, as usual came from all parts of England, the furthest had travelled all the way from Berkshire!

Yet another great course - completed with new skills mastered!.


From Register Office .......... 13/10/2010

October 9th 2010 Course

October 9th 2010 Course

The course was another success we had attendees from as far away as Sussex.

Good practical skills were in evidence and participants ranged from the experienced to complete novices.

Everyone enjoyed a good balance between learning, camaraderie and banter.

The weather whilst overcast stayed dry for the practical work, a good day was had by all


From Register Office .......... 12/9/2010

September 10th 2010 Course

September 10th 2010 Course

The weather was very kind to us and the practical work was carried out in bright warm sunshine!! - A great treat at this time of year.

The course was a first - as we had 3 ladies on  attendees.

Some of the people on the course had travelled from Devon and Wales

Good practical skills were in evidence and participants enjoyed a good balance between learning, good camaraderie and banter.

Yet another truly enjoyable and worthwhile course.

(Click the side pictures to enlarge)

The course in action


From Register Office .......... 14/6/2010

June 12th 2010 Course

June 12th 2010 Course

A full house again, with people travelling this time from as far away as Cornwall !

The weather was excellent, and 6 moles were picked up on Sunday morning. We hope everyone had a good day, and enjoyed the course and got safely back home where they will continue to put what they learnt to good advantage!

June 12th 2010 Course - Training in action


From Register Office .......... 13/5/2010

May 8th 2010 Course

May 8th 2010 Course

A wide range of people attended, with some coming from as far away as Kent and East Sussex, and Wales.

The weather was kind to us and we had a rain free day, and as usual banter and camaraderie were present in great abundance !


From Register Office .......... 21/4/2010

April 17th 2010 Course

April 17th 2010 Course

The course was held in warm bright sunshine.  

We had the company of attendees from all over the country, including Scotland and Wales.

Good practical skills were in evidence and participants ranged from the experienced to complete novices,

Everyone enjoyed a good balance between learning, camaraderie and banter



From Register Office .......... 9/3/2010

March  6th 2010 Course

March 6th 2010 Course

Our first course to be held in Alnwick - a great venue.

The weather was kind although it rained hard all morning, but the practical work was held in fine but cold conditions.

Some of the people on the course had travelled from Aberdeen, and  one person travelled all the way from Kent.

Here are a few more shots of the course in action ( Click on them to enlarge)

Good practical skills were in evidence and participants enjoyed a good balance between learning and good camaraderie and banter.

On this course we celebrated BTMR's third birthday. Three years now under our belt and going from strength to strength.  Averaging now over 4500 enquiries per month on the website and every training course full.

Again this year tradition continued and after the course Simon Bollons  (one of our Trainers) presented the BTMR with a lovely 3rd Birthday cake baked by his wife Janet. .... MAGNIFICENT..... Thank you Janet.

The 3rd Birthday Cake
(Click to enlarge)

Brian cuts the Cake
(Click to enlarge)



From Register Office .......... 8/2/2010

February 6th 2010 Course


February 2010 Course

The course was again full with 10 more keen to learn participants, the weather stayed fine for us all though it was bitterly cold,

The attendees were keen to get their hands in the soil, and they all went away more knowledgeable and skilled than they ever thought possible !!!  -  All also having had an enjoyable and memorable time.

They can now all put their training to good and profitable use!


From Register Office .......... 7/12/09

December 5th 2009 Course

The course was yet another well attended one, although one attendee coming from Scotland had an accident at 5.30 in the morning, He unfortunately wrote his car off but luckily escaped injury and we will be happy to let him join a later course.

The weather held, and for the first time in 2 weeks it was a dry day which was very welcoming for the practical part of the day.


From Register Office .......... 8/11/09

November 7th 2009 Course

The course was held at Eastleach Torville in Gloucestershire. Although it was cold a successful and enjoyable day was had by all. 


In the afternoon, when the practical work was undertaken, all the course attendees gained a wealth knowledge and hands on experience.

A highlight of the day was the presentation of the first ever BTMR Molecatcher of the Year Award to Ian Dando who joined us for lunch. The BTMR is grateful to the Thatched Owners Group who kindly donated the shield and the large bottle of whiskey for the winner.

Click small pictures to enlarge











To see full Press Release
Molecatcher of the Year

Click Here


From Register Office .......... 6/10/09

October 3rd 2009 Course

The course was well attended with people coming from as far away as Cumbria, Northumberland and Devon.

The weather was kind, and although windy we managed to avoid the rain, and everyone enjoyed the day!

October 3rd 2009 Course

From Register Office .......... 9/9/09

September 5th 2009 Course

The day at Haxey was very good the weather kept fine and dry, and the attendees did not have to put on their rain ware. Another successful course and hopefully the experienced gained, will improve the catch rate of all those who attended!

September 5th 2009 Course

From Register Office .......... 14/6/09

June 13th 2009 Course

Completed successfully -

This course was run in glorious sunshine!  But just as it  finished there was a tremendous downpour - luckily we just made it inside, very enjoyable day was had by all!

June 13th  2009 course

From Register Office .......... 23/5/09

May 16th 2009 Course

Yet another "raging" success.  More great Molecatchers ready to do battle !!

May 16th  2009 course

From Register Office .......... 6/4/09

April 4th Course

Successfully completed.


From Register Office .......... 19/3/09

March 14th  2009 course

March 14th  2009 course

This was the first time we had held a course in Eastleach Turville in Gloucestershire, it is a beautiful village set in rolling  Gloucestershire countryside.

The course was very successful and enjoyed by all.

We were delighted to have the added benefit of the company of the current leader of the BTMR "Molecatcher of the Year" competition, Ian Dando who came along to give us a hand with the practical part of the course,  Ian is second from the right

From Register Office .......... 10/3/09

March 7th  2009 course

March 7th  2009 course

Another fine body of men - ready now for action !!

On this course BTMR was able to celebrate its second year.

Brian, our revered founder, noted that we now had more members than ever with recruitment increasing by the week - more record levels of customers, a very full and heavily subscribed training programme and now well over 3500 visits to our website per month from the public looking for a Traditional Molecatcher.

Again this year, after the course Simon Bollons  (one of our Trainers) presented the BTMR with a magnificent 2nd Birthday cake baked especially for the occasion by his wife Janet.
Click the picture to enlarge and appreciate the wonderful detailed work that went into the cake - again a fabulous and delicious creation !! Thank you Janet.


From Register Office .......... 16/2/09

February 14th  2009 course

February 14th  2009 Course

Dear Brian and Simon
Thank you for a fantastic day at Haxey. I enjoyed both the theory and the practical sessions immensely and learnt a great deal. I can't wait for the snow to melt up here so I can find the field never mind the runs! It was well worth the journey not only for the course but also to meet yourselves and the other participants. I haven't enjoyed Valentines' day as much for along time!
Best wishes

Another full and successful course


From Register Office .......... 12/1/09

January 2009 course
Again a very enjoyable course despite the weather!.
It was a bitterly cold day for the practical (minus 3) so we had a bit of difficulty probing the ground for mole runs and then opening them up. Everyone managed to get a few traps in the ground and found out how hostile Molecatching can sometimes be!

Great feedback from people attending as usual.

These courses are now described as 'The most complete,
comprehensive and in depth courses available in traditional Molecatching.

January 2009 Course


From Register Office .......... 12/11/08

November Course - Another successful course - this time with reasonable weather - but again with great company,  good food and a great learning experience for all - what does the weather matter !!ved to be a tremendous

November 2008 Course


From Register Office .......... 21/10/08/08

The Training Courses in both September and October were not only fully booked but also proved to be a tremendous success !!

Happy faces all round.......

October 2008 Course


September 2008 Course


From Register Office .......... 1/4/08

The Training Courses on 29th March 2008 at Finningley near Doncaster and at Wokingham in Berkshire proved to be a great success.

Jason Leigh and Clifford Owen
after finishing the course discussing
with Brian Alderton some of
the details of the course.

Jays comments were:

'The course has been great, much better than expected very well structured and informative. The traps on display were great and a good insight into different types of trapping available.
The practical side of mole catching has been superb. I now feel confident to be professional going to any molecatching job. Thank you very much'  

Cliffs verbal feedback was:

 'Thank you, it was a brilliant course, I learnt a lot. I am now keen to go and put it all in to practice.'

After the course Simon Bollons  (one of our Trainers) presented the BTMR with a magnificent 1st Birthday cake baked especially for the occasion by his wife Janet.
Click the picture to enlarge and appreciate the Mole details - the cake was delicious !! Thank you Janet.




From Register Office .......... 13/2/08

Report on First Traditional Molecatching Training Day

The very first Training day was held at Finningley, on the 2nd Feb, 2008. Due to the bad weather numbers were a little down.

The event was attended by two of the countries top molecatchers, Jeff Nicholls from Berkshire, and Brian Alderton, from Yorkshire. The course was led by Trainer Simon Bollons.

It was an interesting and enjoyable day, and as it turned out the weather was remarkably kind to us.

All who attended gained valuable experience, which we hope they will put to good use, and hopefully they will be joining the BTMR shortly. An pursuing a career in Traditional Molecatching.

Thanks go to all who attended this first course and to all at Euroguns for their hospitality. Special thanks also to Flat Pack Co, for providing free traps and also to Jeff Nicholls for the free DVDs given to all members who attended.

Further Training Courses are planned. 

 Keep checking on this website for further details



From Register Office .......... 13/1/08

Training Courses
Traditional Molecatching

The BTRM launches it’s 1st Traditional Molecatching Training Course.

 The first one is to held in Lincolnshire on the 2nd of February 2008.

Further courses will follow and will be held at other venues as the training programmes progress.

The course will provide a challenging and exciting full day's training in practical and theoretical traditional Molecatching. 

The courses are available to all individuals and companies alike.

Promoting… British Traditional Molecatching.

To register contact training@britishmolecatchers.co.uk

Watch the website for details of more courses
later in the year

BTMR Training Office
58 Thorpe Road
Norwich, Norfolk



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